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KleanTake by ServSense Organizing and Dispensing Products

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Maintain Efficient Beverage Stations with KleanTake Single Dispensing Solutions by ServSense

KleanTake by ServSense™ specializes in one-at-a-time disposable supply dispensing solutions. Their products offer controlled and precise single-dispensing units for the utmost sanitary and cost-saving service options. KleanTake by ServSense™ products are designed to complement other items within the ServSense™ catalog for a cohesive presentation. ServSense™ specializes in providing a comprehensive catalog of reliable organizing and dispensing solutions for any application Read more

KleanTake by ServSense goes a long way in creating a cohesive beverage station. These products allow for easy dispensing of cups, lids, and straws, allowing for efficient self-serve beverage stations. Whether you operate a quick-service restaurant or a catering business, improving beverage services is a great way to increase customer satisfaction.