Kiwi® Products

by  SC Johnson

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Kiwi® Products Include Everything You Need to Maintain and Protect Your Shoes

First sold in Australia, Kiwi® has been producing shoe polish and other shoe maintenance products since 1906. The brand was named after a flightless bird that was common in New Zealand, and it became popular during the first World War when it was adopted by the British and American armies. Since then, Kiwi® grew in size and popularity as one of the SC Johnson family of brands, becoming one of the largest and best-known manufacturers of shoe polish and shoe care products in the world, and today, you can find their products in over 180 countries. Read more

Kiwi® products and shoe care are an excellent choice for employees that need shiny and attractive shoes, such as workers in restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. While the company is famous for its highly-effective shoe polish, today, they manufacture a variety of other shoe care accessories, such as replacement laces and water repellant shoe spray. Additionally, you can find Kiwi® shoe polish in many different colors and styles, which makes it easy to find the right shade to match your shoes.