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Choose Kime’s Cider Mill for Sweet Fruit Butters from the Heart of Fruit Country in Pennsylvania

Kime’s Cider Mill is a family-owned enterprise, operating from the heart of fruit country in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The business began in 1957, when Robert and Cora Kim began selling their produce in farmers markets, eventually beginning to produce apple cider and fruit butters. Kime’s Cider Mill grows as subsequent generations learn from previous ones, while the rich fertile soil of Adams County continues to grace Kime’s Cider Mill products with exceptional flavor. Read more

Spread Kime’s Cider Mill’s tasty cinnamon apple butter over freshly baked bread, or complement desserts with sweet canned peach halves. Whether you choose cinnamon or plain applesauce, many Kime’s Cider Mill products have no added sugar, so you can experience the pure taste of Adams County fruit. Choose Kime’s Cider Mill butters and cider for a homemade, delicious taste.