Kaukauna Spreadable Cheese Products

by  Bel Brands USA Inc.

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Enhance your Charcuterie Board with the Authentic Flavors of Kaukauna Cheese

Since its inception in 1918, Kaukauna Cheese has grown to become the country’s leading manufacturer in cheese balls and cheese logs. Thanks to the development of a special, no-heat process, founder Hubert Fassbender was able to produce spreadable cheese that needed no refrigeration. Throughout the past century, this innovation has led to the creation of numerous products featuring their signature spreadable cheese straight from Wisconsin. Read more

Kaukauna Cheese products can be used as dips during cocktail hours or banquet events. Or, enhance your charcuterie board with a display of cheese and crackers. Thanks to a dedication to quality and an incorporation of authentic Wisconsin cheese into every product, you can be sure you’re serving customers the best with Kaukauna spreadable cheese.