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Accommodate Dietary Needs with Kate’s Ice Cream and Desserts

Growing up with a lactose-intolerant sister inspired Katelyn Williams to create Kate’s Great Plant-Based Desserts. Kate started her first frozen treat business in 2014 while living in the Boston area. She sold dairy-free popsicles out of a tricycle at local farmers' markets. When she relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2019 she wanted to take her recipe creation and ice cream production to the next level, so she launched Kate’s Great Plant-Based Desserts. Read more

Kate's ice cream and desserts are gluten- and dairy-free alternatives to classic frozen treats. Kate’s Great Plant-Based Desserts collaborates with the local, woman, and minority-owned businesses in the Portland area and sources ingredients from luscious Pacific Northwestern farms. They offer their gluten-free, vegan waffle cone mix to other businesses so they can enrich their customers with pure ingredients and flavors that surpass processed and allergen-laden traditional cones.