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The High Quality of Kason Hardware Keeps Equipment Running Smoothly

With 5 branches in the United States and distributors around the globe, Kason is a leading name in commercial appliance hardware. Using only high-quality metals, Kason produces hardware and accessories produced that are built to last. They also enforce quality control standards in all of their manufacturing facilities. Read more

Hinges, latches, and filters are just a few of the products manufactured by Kason. While they produce many items designed for refrigerator units, they also produce hardware and epoxy for other appliances or plumbing units. From commercial light bulbs to thermostats, you can find all the Kason parts and accessories you need to maintain an efficient and functional establishment.

Kason® Epoxy, Cement, and Sealers

Kason® Epoxy, Cement, and Sealers

While Kason may be known for hardware, they’re also a great source for epoxy, cement, and sealers to create a water-tight bond and fill in gaps.

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