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Equip Your Kitchen With the Best in the Business with John Boos Tables

For over 125 years, John Boos & Co. has set the standard for premium hardwood food preparation surfaces and equipment. With unmatched attention to detail, the company produces the finest butcher blocks, cutting boards, and countertops that are sought after by in-the-know culinary professionals. One of the oldest manufacturers of premium quality foodservice equipment, John Boos & Co. also continues to be the only company in the U.S. with both stainless steel fabrication and wood manufacturing facilities in a single location. Read more

From countertops to entire work tables and high-end boards to shelving and racks, there is something for every part of your commercial kitchen with John Boos & Co. The company's master craftsmanship is complemented by a serious commitment to environmental sustainability, including sustainable sourcing of its hardwoods. With the proper care, John Boos & Co. tables are designed to withstand up to a lifetime of use.