Jell-O Products

by  Kraft Heinz Foods Company

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Quickly Create Quality Dessert Items with the Use of Jell-O Products

Jell-O is a well-known brand that nearly everyone has heard of, as the name has almost become almost synonymous with gelatin desserts. Jell-O has been providing customers with dessert items since before the 1900s, and has grown so popular that the brand’s name is often used to describe any similar gelatin product. Through years of great customer service and quality products, Jell-O has become a staple of American desserts. Read more

Jell-O products are a great way for your restaurant to rapidly make recipes such as pie fillings, puddings, and gelatin desserts. These items take no time at all to create with Jell-O mixes, and they are simple enough that your staff won’t require any additional training. With such a trusted brand behind ensuring the quality of these products, this is an effective way to diversify and expand your dessert menu.