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Take the Guesswork Out of Spicing Seafood with These J.O. Spice Company Products

With humble beginnings at a small storefront in Baltimore City, J.O. Spice Company has grown to become the leading supplier of seafood spices along the East coast. This company was founded in 1945 by Virginia shoreman J.O. Strigle and his wife. Today, J.O. Spice Company products are a staple in seafood houses and restaurants alike. Read more

Take the guesswork out of preparing fresh seafood by using these seasonings and mixes by J.O. Spice Company. Their No. 2 spice blend can be used to top any type of crab, from king crab legs to hearty blue crabs. Or, prepare decadent crab cakes with the help of their crab cake mix.

J.O. Spice Company Spice Blends

J.O. Spice Company Spice Blends

Incorporate authentic flavors into your seafood dishes by using these convenient and delicious J.O. Spice Company spice blends.

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