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Hinds-Bock Corporation was established in 1962 by Philip Bock out of Bothell, Washington. The company is founded on innovation, as Bock was the creator of air-powered piston technology that is now used around the globe. Bock’s goal was to make the process of filling burritos and other food products less time consuming in order to make food industry businesses more efficient and profitable. Today, the Hinds-Bock Corporation is a world leader in industrial grade bakery and food processing equipment as a result of Bock’s invention. Read more

As experts in designing, manufacturing, and retail, the Hinds-Bock Corporation is dedicated to providing high-quality equipment for their customers. Hind-Bock offers bakery solutions with machines that can fill batters such as pie, cake, fudge, icing, and more into molds. They have in-house testing facilities and a fully stocked inventory for quality assurance of their products and resources. Not only is their equipment heavy duty, but Hinds-Bock equipment parts are durable and reliable for easy equipment repair. Hinds-Bock Corporation continues to reach their goal of helping business owners run their establishments efficiently and successfully.