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Hillshire Farm Meat Products

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Hillshire Farm Meat Products Have a Smokey Flavor Your Guests Will Love

The Hillshire Farm brand was founded in 1934 by Friedrich Bernegger and later purchased by the Sara Lee Corporation in 1971. Best known for their sausages and kielbasa, Hillshire Farms was one of the first brands to sell smoked sausage in US grocery stores. Hillshire Farms is now owned by Tyson Foods and remains a nationally recognized brand. Read more

Hillshire Farm meat products are the perfect addition to the menu at your deli, convenience store, or concession stand. Packaged by the case, Hillshire sausages are a quick and easy product to serve to your guests. Added to a hotdog roll with sauerkraut, or sliced up and cooked into a savory dish, Hillshire Farms meat products are a crowd pleaser that your customers will love.