Hatsuyuki Restaurant Equipment

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Hatsuyuki Restaurant Equipment Delivers Modernized Technology Built on Traditional Japanese Artisanry

Hatsuyuki is the bestselling brand of the Chubu corporation's foodservice division. Chubu was first opened as an ironworks foundry, but their skilled craftsmen later translated their ironworks technology into an unshakeable foundation for durable food service equipment. Today, Chubu meets the global need for efficient, compact, and long-lasting Japanese-quality commercial foodservice equipment. Read more

Hatsuyuki restaurant equipment delivers the bestselling products of the internationally respected Chubu corporation. As a Japanese brand, they create authentic Japanese Kakigori ice shaving machines. Hatsuyuki ice machines provide blade adjustment control, so you can choose your ice texture, allowing you to make snow cones, snoballs, and shaved ice as well as traditional Japanese Kakigori and Korean Bingsu.