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Use Harvest Creations Food Products to Serve Unique Sides and Appetizers

Harvest Creations is a brand by Tampa Maid Foods, a company that specializes in various commodity and value-added seafood products. In 2012, they created Harvest Creations to offer customers a line of delicious, convenient, and versatile frozen vegetables. Harvest Creations products are made with wholesome, quality ingredients, including farm-fresh vegetables, to ensure a delicious and nutritious meal. Read more

Harvest Creations food products are easy to store and cook, making them convenient to use in your foodservice establishment. They offer a variety of frozen vegetables, including breaded and par-fried green beans, cauliflower, and pickles. Their unique products are great for increasing the variety of sides or appetizers on your menu. Add Harvest Creations products to your menu to cut down on prep time and delight your guests.