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Strong and Easy-to-Move Hand Trucks for Shipping and Receiving

Harper Trucks began in 1940 with the goal of producing the highest quality hand trucks available on the market. Thanks to their commitments to customer service, reliable products, and product guarantees, they have grown from a simple small-town business into a nationwide powerhouse. Read more

Harper Trucks produces some of the strongest hand trucks, carts, and dollies available. They come in a variety of different styles and configurations so you can find the one that best matches the needs of your business, ensuring you get a helpful, versatile, and practical product every time you purchase.

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Appliance Trucks

Harper Trucks Appliance Trucks

Harper Trucks appliance trucks are the best way to move kitchen appliances around your business. These trucks come with straps, ratchets, and tighteners, depending on which one you want, for easy use.

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Bellman & Luggage Carts

Harper Trucks Bellman & Luggage Carts

Harper Trucks bellman & luggage carts allow your employees to easily move heavy bags and other luggage around your hotel or resort.

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