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Delicious Hampton Farms Peanuts Are a Great Choice for a Variety of Establishments

Hampton Farms was founded in northeastern North Carolina in 1917 and is a well-known nut grower. Their products include in-shell peanuts, gourmet peanuts, nut butters, valencia peanuts, and gourmet nuts, making it easy to find what you need. Hampton Farms also owns Meherrin Grower Services and Severn Peanut Shelling, ensuring they can provide the highest quality customer service available. Read more

Hampton Farms products are perfect for sporting events, carnivals, sports bars, and more. Because they sell their offerings in a variety of sizes, it’s also easy for any small or large business to find what they need. Best of all, Hampton Farms nuts are available at affordable prices that help establishments stock up on what they're shopping for without exceeding their budget.