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Quench Your Thirst with Water from a Halsey Taylor Water Fountain

Halsey Taylor has been dedicated to providing people will clean drinking water from their drinking fountains since they were founded in 1912. The company also invented the double bubbler, which produces two separate streams to provide a more satisfying drinking and can be found on water fountains all over the world. You can find Halsey Taylor water fountains and products in a variety of different settings from parks and schools to airports and office buildings. Read more

Provide your customers with a refreshing drink by installing easy-to-use Halsey Taylor drinking fountains in your establishment. In addition to traditional water fountains, Halsey Taylor has expanded their business into bottle filling stations, using their Hydroboost technology to fill water bottles quickly and help reduce environmental impact. Plus, you can also use the large selection of Halsey Taylor parts to repair your drinking fountain or water bottle filling station if they malfunction or wear over time.