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Grosfillex is a world-wide manufacturer of resin-based products with its global headquarters in Oyonnax, France. With three production facilities across France, America, and Russia, their dedication to the foodservice industry has earned them a reputation over their 56 years of business as innovative and quality. Read more

Grosfillex is a commercial furniture vendor that manufactures dozens of different products that include restaurant chairs, outdoor table umbrellas, and low tables that are all great to fill out your foodservice business. They're all made of high quality resin that not only ensures long-lasting durability, but also a fine appearance and easy cleaning.

Grosfillex Outdoor Patio Fencing

Grosfillex Outdoor Patio Fencing

Grosfillex outdoor patio fencing ensures greater safety on your deck or patio by making it clear where the dining area ends. This fencing is especially good for parties with small children who may wander from their tables.

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