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Groomer's Best Pet Grooming Products Are Made in the USA

Approximately 19 years ago, Groomer’s Best began in a small garage 30 miles North of Sioux Falls, South Dakota when two brothers, Dan and Tim, discussed the lack of quality companies in the pet grooming manufacturing industry. Tim left the conversation determined to discover what pet groomers value. Aside from their love of the animals themselves, pet groomers want ergonomic, reliable equipment to help them during the long hours and physical labor required for their profession. Read more

Groomer’s Best pet grooming products help grooming professionals make each pet look its very best. The founder of Groomer’s Best saw the lack of well-made bathing tubs, so he studied how pet bathing tubs are made and improved on pre-existing designs. While they’re constantly innovating new designs, Groomer’s Best remains a family-owned company dedicated to offering “simple, clean, and top-of-the-line” pet grooming solutions.