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Keep Your Commercial Kitchen’s Equipment Maintained Properly with Groen Parts

Groen is owned by Unified Brands and is a world-renowned manufacturer of steamers, braising pans, combi ovens, and steam kettles. They’re focused on food safety and efficiency, which has helped them produce some of the best equipment available. Groen also offers CapKold commercial foodservice products, which include cook tanks, water jets, and tumble chillers. Read more

Groen offers a variety of replacement parts and accessories for your appliances and equipment. From bolts and burner orifices to water level cutoffs and solenoid valves, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Best of all, Groen parts are sold at affordable low prices that help you purchase everything you need without exceeding your budget.

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Food Grade Lubricants and Food Safe Lubricants

Groen Food Grade Lubricants and Food Safe Lubricants

Use Groen food grade and food safe lubricants to keep your kitchen's equipment and appliances running smoothly and increase their lifespan.

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Groen Transformers

High-quality and affordable Groen transformers are designed to replace broken or worn-out parts in your commercial foodservice business's appliances.

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