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Gorilla Adhesives are Durable and Can Repair Broken Objects Easily

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Gorilla Glue Company was founded in 1991 by Mark Singer. Still a family owned company and operated to this day, Gorilla Glue manufactures various types of premium adhesives, sealants, and tapes used on a variety of projects or repairs. All Gorilla Glue products are made with the highest quality of materials and tested under very rigorous development standards. Read more

Gorilla Glue offers extremely strong and durable glue, tape, and sealant products that many people rely on to fix and create projects. Gorilla Glue has a wide variety of products to choose from in order to suit your needs and meet your quality standard expectations. Choose from the different glues and tapes that Gorilla Glue has to offer you for your next project.