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Goff's Security Products Protect Health and Promote Productivity, and Preserve Visibility

Goff’s Curtain Walls, a subdivision of Goff’s Enterprises Inc., first took shape in 1986 to meet the internal needs of increasing productivity and containing auto body contaminants in Bob Goff’s, newly expanded Pewaukee, Wisconsin autobody shop. Through a partnership with his son, Tony, Bob’s initial vision evolved from a side project into one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Goff’s Enterprises Inc. remains loyal to its Wisconsin roots, but now boasts a 67,000 sq. foot facility, over five times the size of the expansion that initiated their curtain walls’ creation. Read more

While the first prototypes of Goff's security products were designed for auto repair shops, Goff’s Enterprises Inc. now offers several unique lines aiding numerous industries including food processing, commercial office spaces, and more. Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.’s partitions help ensure your customers’ and employees’ safety by shielding them from germs and bacteria as they work, dine, or shop in your business. The partitions’ PVC construction provides premium visibility, preserving your warm and engaging atmosphere while achieving safety.