Goetze's Snacks & Treats Food Products

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Capitalize on Impulse Sales and Expand Your Offering of Sweet Treats with Goetze’s Snacks and Treats Food Products

Originally founded in 1985 as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company, Goetze's has been serving customers for well over a century. One of the things the company is most well-known for is its chewy caramel candy called Cow Tales. Today Goetze’s Cow Tails are an iconic candy, being sold in locations all across the United States. Read more

Goetze's snacks and treats food products are a fantastic addition to your establishment’s offerings. These items can boost impulse sales, being sold individually at check-out locations. Alternatively, businesses such as restaurants and ice cream shops can utilize Goetze’s products as delicious dessert toppings.