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Enhance the flavor of your signature sandwiches and breakfast options by serving Godshall’s bacon in your deli.

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Use Godshall’s deli meats to offer a variety of specialty sandwiches for your customers in your sandwich shop or cafe.

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Boost impulse sales by adding Weaver’s Bologna jerky and meat snacks near your check-out counters.

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Stock up on Weaver’s Bologna products to expand your menu selections and offer a variety of protein options.

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Godshall’s Meat Products Add a Smoky and Savory Flavor to Your Sandwiches, Soups, and Salads

Starting as a butcher shop in central Pennsylvania, Godshall’s has been providing delicious smoked meats to Lancaster and Lebanon counties since 1945. While the company still serves the central Pennsylvania region, they have expanded their reach, and now you can find their products all over the United States. Although their production and manufacturing methods have modernized to allow for wider distribution, Godshall’s remains dedicated to providing their customers with traditional and hearty foods.

Godshall’s specializes in smoked meats, such as bacon, scrapple, and artisan snack sticks, and their products are perfect for a variety of establishments. You can use Godshall’s meat products on sandwiches or in pastas and salads to give them a hearty and smoky flavor. Additionally, the company offers several fat-free and pork alternative products, so you can find options for guests that are looking for healthy smoked meat items.