Gardein Meatless Products

by  Conagra Foods Inc

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Gardein Meatless Products Provide Plant-Based Alternatives to your Favorite Foods

Gardein meatless products were created to provide a great-tasting plant-based protein that mimics real meat. Using vegetables, legumes, and grains, Gardein produces meatless protein that is full of delicious flavor and pleasing texture. Dedicated to sustainability, Gardein products support a healthy lifestyle and are free of GMO ingredients. Read more

With a wide range of products that are high in protein with no cholesterol, Gardein has something for everyone. Whether you are introducing Meatless Mondays in your restaurant or expanding your plant-based menu offerings, Gardein meatless products can be enjoyed by meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Their meatless meals and snacks are completely vegan and free of animal products, which results in a tasty product that has less fat and calories than traditional meat dishes.