Frontier Cooking Fuel & Supplies

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Bring All-Natural Smoky Flavors to Your Foods with Frontier Cooking Fuel and Supplies

Frontier is on a mission to source the best charcoal from around the world and transform your recipes with unique global flavors. Frontier’s charcoal is made with sustainably sourced Latin American hardwoods and is handcrafted by experts who are local to the hardwoods’ region of origin using time-honored traditions. All charcoal is 100% natural and is free from chemicals, fillers, or extenders to deliver the purest smoky flavor to foods. Read more

Frontier cooking fuel and supplies are perfect for cooking food in your charcoal grills, smokers, and kamados. Their expansive product line includes all-natural lump charcoal and briquettes made from hardwoods that are responsibly sourced in Mexico and South America. Frontier cooking fuel and supplies are perfect for chefs and pitmasters looking to take their barbecue to the next level.