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Fred’s For Starters Products Are Battered with a Delicious, Crunchy Coating

Fred’s For Starters products were originally known as Fred’s Frozen Foods, a company created by Fred Luker in 1960. He patented a recipe for pork loin fritters and sold them to restaurants and drive-ins in the Midwest. Later in 1982, the brand was credited with producing the first breaded mozzarella cheese stick. Read more

The brand expanded their product line to include a variety of fried appetizers and changed the company name to Fred’s For Starters in 1999. Known for making frozen foods like fried pickles and mac and cheese bites, Fred’s For Starters products make it easy to add tempting appetizers to the menu at your restaurant, bar, or cafe. Today the business is owned by Ajinomoto Foods North America, a leading producer of frozen foods nationwide.