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Offer Fresh Food from a Vending Machine with Foodspot Products

FoodSpot was founded in 2010 with the mission of democratizing fresh food. When looking at vending machines, they saw only sweet, salty, and shelf-stable snacks and decided to work toward using these vending machines for fresh food accessibility. Today, their unattended microstores are sold across the globe to equip foodservice establishments to store and serve fresh food ranging from salads to sandwiches to even pasta. Read more

Our selection of FoodSpot products includes equipment designed to provide fresh food to customers without the need for an attendant – perfect for break rooms, hotel lobbies, or concession stands. FoodSpot’s unattended microstores function like vending machines for fresh food, keeping meal kits, prepackaged meals, and more in a refrigerated space and dispensing them when purchased. Customers can simply swipe their credit card and get their nutritious, fresh snack or meal with no hassle.