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Fontanini Food Products Help You Make Great Tasting Pizzas, Subs, and Entrees

Founded in 1960 by Oriano Fontanini, the Fontanini brand started out as a meat company called Capitol Wholesale Meats. In the early days, Fontanini food products were delivered to customers using the family truck. As the business continued to grow, a fleet of over 10 trucks started making meat deliveries to grocery stores, pizzerias, and restaurants. Read more

Specializing in Italian sausage and pizza supplies, Fontanini now provides meat products for businesses all over the country. Dedicated to quality and customer service, the Fontanini brand strives to exceed industry standards by producing the best pizza toppings, sausages, and meatballs on the market. The company is still family owned today and operates out of a 188,000 square foot facility in McCook, Illinois.