Folgers Coffee Products & Supplies

by  J.M. Smucker Co. Away From Home

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Folgers Coffee Products and Supplies Deliver a Smooth Flavor and Fresh Aroma that Your Customers Crave

A staple in many American households, Folgers Coffee Company is a coffee brand that your customers know and trust. The company was founded in the late 1800s by James Folger and has grown into the successful brand that it is today because of their dedication to keeping superior taste, customer satisfaction, and community enrichment at the forefront of their business. They are committed to using only responsibly sourced, quality coffee beans that are grown in high-altitude climates and using time-honored roasting techniques to make their smooth, aromatic coffee. Read more

Folgers coffee products and supplies are great for supplying in your break room, waiting room, or hotel lobby. They offer a variety of convenient coffee products, from pre-measured coffee packets that are easy to prepare for self-service coffee stations or single-serving instant coffee packets for on-the-go convenience. Folgers coffee products and supplies make it quick and easy to make coffee for your guests without sacrificing on quality or flavor.