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Ensure an Optimal Texture in Your Baked Goods with Fleischmann’s Food and Baking Products

After immigrating to America from Austria-Hungary in 1868, Charles and Maximilian Fleischmann partnered with an American businessman to build a yeast plant in Cincinnati to make better-rising bread as they had in their homeland. They were able to produce and patent a compressed yeast cake that revolutionized home and commercial baking in the U.S. Since its beginnings, Fleischmann’s has been a trusted brand by home and professional bakers alike for its excellent leavening power and consistent quality. Read more

Fleischmann’s food and baking products are versatile in application and deliver consistent, reliable results. They are perfect for creating a variety of delicious, house-baked pastries, breads, and crusts. The products come in a bulk size that is ideal for high-traffic restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.