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Keep Your Ventilation System Running Smoothly with Flame Gard Exhaust Equipment

Flame Gard was founded in New Jersey in 1968 and is owned by the Component Hardware Group. They’re a world-renowned manufacturer of commercial grease filters and kitchen exhaust systems that are used in major restaurant chains across the country. Flame Gard also makes high-quality access doors and hood lights to complete your kitchen’s grease management system. Read more

If you’re shopping for replacement exhaust hood filters and accessories, Flame Gard has what your establishment needs. Additionally, their commercial light bulbs will keep your canopy hoods well lit to make cleaning a breeze. Best of all, Flame Gard products are sold at affordable low prices that make it easy to purchase what you need without breaking the bank.

Flame Gard Commercial Light Bulbs

Purchase high-quality and affordable Flame Gard commercial light bulbs to keep your kitchen's exhaust hoods well lit during use or cleaning.

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