Figaro Liquid Smoke Products

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Get a Smoky, BBQ Flavor with Figaro by Baumer Foods

Since 1923, Baumer Foods, Inc. has been making delicious Louisiana-style sauces that bring the taste of New Orleans to your foods. While Baumer is known for their hot sauces, Figaro is their line of liquid smoke products, so you can get that delicious, smoky flavor easily. It’s great for marinades and sauces to go with your pork chops, chicken, homemade barbecue sauces, and other Southern-style foods. Read more

Figaro provides liquid smoke in several different flavors, so you can get exactly the flavor you want for your recipes. Hickory provides a sweeter, traditional BBQ taste that’s great with chicken or pork while mesquite has a strong flavor that’s perfect for beef.