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Choose Fiesta® Dinnerware from Steelite International, America’s Most Enduring Dinnerware Line

With more than 1.5 billion pieces produced, Fiesta® Dinnerware from Steelite International is the most collected line of dinnerware in the tabletop industry. Fiesta first captivated audiences when it was introduced at the 1936 Pittsburgh China & Glass Show. The roots of Fiesta’s parent company, Homer Laughlin by Steelite International, took hold in 1871 when brothers and fellow potters, Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin, formed a partnership and revived the pottery industry in their town of East Liverpool, Ohio. In its long history, the company has surged forward and expanded under multiple visionary leaders, growing from a small, two kiln plant to a conglomerate boasting multiple plants and producing leading commercial and retail pottery wares. Read more

Fiesta's temporary retirement due to the popularity of earth tones in 1972 actually proved its appeal; once retired the Fiesta line became a top collectors’ item. Thirty-seven years later, Bloomingdale’s recognized the timeless allure of Fiesta’s bright colors and art deco shapes, so they approached Homer Laughlin and formed a partnership to relaunch the Fiesta line with an updated body, glaze, and color palette. This partnership was an instant success, delighting both collectors of vintage Fiesta® Dinnerware and new Fiesta enthusiasts alike. Today, both restauranteurs and home chefs can choose from a plethora of Fiesta® Dinnerware from Steelite International shades and shapes to serve their menu items on restaurant grade china that has stood the test of time.