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Maintain Your Frozen Beverage Service with f’real Machine Parts

Specializing in milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen cappuccinos, f’real Foods, LLC was founded to make blended beverages customizable and simple for consumers on the go. You can find their products in over 18,000 retailers in North America, and the company continues to add locations in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Located in Orinda, CA, f’real is a small division of Rich Products and employs approximately 100 people. Read more

Whether you operate a convenience store, cafeteria, or food court, a f’real milkshake machine offers your customers a user-friendly way to make their own frozen beverages. Additionally, f’real machine parts help you to keep your setup in working order, so you can extend the life of your unit. Find replacement components like control boards, heater tanks, and door arms to ensure that your machine stays in operation.