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Make Workplace Safety a Priority with Ergodyne Work Gear and Apparel

Dr. Thomas W. Votel was concerned with the number of injuries and worker’s comp claims he witnessed at his hospital, which led him to design a unique back support product for the nurses on staff. His invention became the basis for a new company dedicated to workplace safety. In the 1980s, Votel founded CompEquip, later rebranded as Ergodyne when his son took over the business. Read more

Today, Ergodyne still makes back supports to encourage safe lifting in the workplace, but the company has expanded their product offering to include a variety of protective gear. Ergodyne work gear and apparel like safety vests, cooling headwear, and hardhats reduce workplace injuries and make the job site a safer place. Driven by worker demand, Ergodyne continues to create innovative products that are crafted with precision to provide top level performance.