Elmhurst Nut Milk

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Elmhurst Nut Milk Combines a Rich History with Modern Techniques

Though they were founded in 2017, Elmurst has a history dating back as far as 1925. Originally established as a dairy in New York City, the company pivoted towards offering a healthier, plant-based milk alternative to their customers. Produced in Buffalo, NY, Elmhurst utilizes a revolutionary HydroRelease technique in which water is used to separate natural components of plants and reassemble it into milk. Read more

Elmhurst Nut Milk offers nutritious alternatives to your favorite dairy products in a variety of forms and flavors. Choose from their selection of plant-based or nut-based milks and creams to create your signature dishes with a dairy-free twist. Furthermore, pair your favorite cup of coffee with one of Elmhurst’s plant-based creamers.