Elmer's Brand Glue & Office Supplies

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Elmer’s Glue and Office Supplies Can be Used for a Variety of Tasks

Elmer’s was founded over 65 years ago and is dedicated to providing creative adhesive solutions for a variety of industries. Their products are great for elementary schools, community centers, and office buildings. Whether you’re helping your students with arts and crafts projects or repairing broken items around your business, Elmer’s has your business covered. Read more

If you need supplies for your college fair or work presentation, Elmer’s project and display boards are a great choice. They also manufacture glue and adhesives, many of which are non-toxic and washable. Additionally, Elmer’s offers paper trimmers that help you cut large pieces of paper down to smaller sizes for use in binders and craft projects.

Elmer's Glue and Adhesives

Elmer's Glue and Adhesives

Use high-quality Elmer's glue and adhesives for arts and craft projects or for activities at your elementary school, healthcare facility, or daycare.

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Elmer's Pencils and Accessories

Elmer's Pencils and Accessories

Elmer's pencils and accessories include a variety of writing utensils and pencil sharpeners for your office or classroom.

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