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Edgecraft Chef's Choice is headquartered in Avondale, Pennsylvania where they've made their home since their founding in 1984. Since then, they've become one of the leading producers of supplies, such as knife and scissor sharpeners, that are designed to extend the life of commercial restaurant tools. Read more

Edgecraft Chef's Choice manufactures a whole catalog's worth of products aimed at making life easier on chefs and their kitchen tools. They also produce some cooking equipment that can be used in specialty businesses, like ice cream shops, though they can also be used in everyday restaurants.

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Waffle Cone Makers

Edgecraft Chef's Choice Waffle Cone Makers

Edgecraft Chef's Choice waffle cone makers make it easy for you to make your most popular flavor ice cream cones for your business. This cone maker is ideal for turning out delicious, crispy bottoms for ice cream.

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Knife Sharpeners

Edgecraft Chef's Choice Knife Sharpeners

Edgecraft Chef's Choice knife sharpeners are the perfect way to make sure your knives are constantly sharp in your business. These sharpeners work more quickly than a simple steel, also saving your chefs valuable cooking time.

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