Ecological Personal Hygiene Products

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EcoLOGICAL Personal Hygiene Products Are an Antidote to Today’s Industrialized World

EcoLOGICAL is a Hunter Amenities brand that offers premium body care products. Hunter Amenities is a global manufacturing company that produces personal care and cosmetic products for both the hospitality and retail sectors. Founded in 1981 in Burlington, Ontario, Hunter Amenities now boasts award-winning manufacturing facilities in Colombia, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, China, India, and Malaysia. Read more

EcoLOGICAL personal hygiene products don’t contain phthalates or parabens. Never tested on animals, EcoLOGICAL products are always cruelty-free. They form their small amenities bottles from post-recycled plastic and their caps from bio-enhanced plastic, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.