Shop EcoChoice Paper Take-Out Boxes

EcoChoice Paper Take-Out Boxes

Allow customers to take their food on the go while reducing your carbon footprint by providing them with eco-friendly paper take-out boxes.

Shop EcoChoice Biodegradable Paper Hot Cups and Lids

EcoChoice Biodegradable Paper Hot Cups and Lids

Our environmentally friendly paper hot cups & lids are perfect for taking beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to go.

Shop EcoChoice Paper Dinnerware

EcoChoice Paper Dinnerware

Stock up on disposable dinnerware that is less harmful to the environment by choosing EcoChoice paper dinnerware like their plates and platters.

Shop EcoChoice Paper Soup Cups and Bowls

EcoChoice Paper Soup Cups and Bowls

Serve delicious stews and soups in these eco-friendly paper soup cups and bowls. They feature a heat-resistant barrier to withstand high temperatures.

Shop EcoChoice Plastic Cutlery / Utensils

EcoChoice Plastic Cutlery / Utensils

Add EcoChoice plastic utensils to your cafe for a disposable option. They are made from renewable resources to minimize their impact on the environment.

Shop EcoChoice Foam and Pulp School Trays

EcoChoice Foam and Pulp School Trays

Make it simple for customers to carry their order from the food line to their table by providing these EcoChoice multi-compartment trays to your food hall.

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Economical and Environmentally Friendly Restaurant Supplies

As a provider of affordably-priced, environmentally conscious products, EcoChoice is the best option for food service businesses that want to keep the earth healthy on a budget. Boasting a reputation for unbeatable prices, EcoChoice offers biodegradable and compostable restaurant supplies that will appeal to your wallet as much as your customers.

Whether you need take-out containers or disposable supplies for a catered event, you can find what you need through EcoChoice. These products combine the durability of competitive products with eco-friendly materials and designs, so any green business can use them for service.