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Bring the Delicious Taste of Fresh Eggplants to Your Menu with Dominex Natural Food Products

For over 25 years, Dominex has been sourcing the nationwide foodservice industry with delicious eggplant-based dishes. Using fresh eggplant as its main ingredient, the company prides itself on fresh ingredients year-round and healthy, hearty vegetarian options. As a leader in eggplant products, Dominex is dedicated to understanding the fruit and helping kitchens across the country take advantage of its unique, meaty texture, and savory taste. Read more

Whether providing appetizers and entrees for vegetarians or trying to appeal to the health-conscious crowd, Dominex Natural Food products make it easy to add dishes to the menu. With options such as cutlets, fries, burgers, and other meal alternatives, it's easy to incorporate the beloved eggplant into your menu, while taking out the labor-intensive nature of preparing eggplants. Easily whip up your customers' favorites with Dominex Natural Food products.