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Curton is the national leader in producing foodservice energy control supplies including strip doors, air doors, and bun pan rack covers. Through constant development and innovation, Curtron continues to produce foodservice energy control supplies and pest control products that exceed every customer's expectations. Not only do they help you control energy use, but they also help control insects in your restaurant to keep your customers coming back again and again. Read more

With a full line of bug zappers and flying insect control lights, Curtron offers sanitary low maintenance solutions to flying insects in the kitchen, dining room, and even enclosed porches! With easy to install options like high intensity UV light traps, electrical bug zappers, and screen strip doors, Curtron will get you ready for flying insect season in a snap!

Curtron Air Curtains

Curtron Air Curtains

Make your restaurant doors a no-fly zone for pesky insects with our selection of air curtains and air doors from Curtron! Available in widths to cover any door, you’ll find the one you want here!

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