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Cucina Andolina Cheese

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Bring Classic Flavor to Your Dishes with Dairy Products from Cucina Andolina

As a brand under Cheese Merchants of America, Cucina Andolina produces premium specialty cheeses. Cucina Andolina sources their products from the top makers in the country and internationally, so you can choose from quality grated, shredded, shaved, and dehydrated cheeses. Headquartered in Bartlett, IL, Cucina Andolina distributes cheeses throughout the US. Read more

Whether you need to top a pasta dish or enhance a salad, choose Cucina Andolina dairy products. Cucina Andolina offers classic cheeses like parmesan, or useful alternatives like a Caesar blend that is ideal for your salad. Plus, they are available in bulk quantities, so you can be prepared for even the busiest mealtime rushes.