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Providing High Quality Commercial Barbecue Supplies for Over 20 Years

Crown Verity is a leading force in the outdoor and portable barbecue supplies market in North America. Initially an electrical manufacturing company in the early 1900's, Crown Electrical Co. shifted to commercial restaurant appliances in 1951, and in 1991, the Crown Verity barbecue brand was officially born. They've been providing foodservice professionals with high quality portable grills for over 20 years. Dedicated to an improved commercial barbecue experience, Crown Verity delivers high quality grills, patio heaters, and portable sinks. View this product overview to learn about the great benefits and features offered by the Crown Verity brand. An emphasis on versatility and transportability makes this vendor's outdoor mobile grills the top choice for tailgate, catering, and outdoor cooking venues! We carry built-in outdoor grills, mobile grills, outdoor steamers and fryers, towable grills, commercial patio heaters, and hand sink carts from Crown Verity for all your outdoor cooking needs! Their cooking, grill, fuel, and attachment accessories help you operate your restaurant equipment efficiently. Whether you're looking to fry fish, cater a tailgate party, or host a high volume chicken BBQ, you can count on Crown Verity to fire up the party and the grill!