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Curate Your Ideal Cheese Collection with Cracker Barrel Products

Introduced in 1954, Cracker Barrel was inspired by a love for quality cheese and a passion for cheddar-making heritage. The company strives to uphold its high standards and think outside the box, offering more than 17 varieties of cheese to suit as many preferences as possible. Its parent company, Kraft Heinz, was established in 2015 following the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz and strives to provide the best service possible in all aspects of their business. Read more

Cracker Barrel products are rich and full of flavor, allowing you to curate a quality selection of cheese. They offer individually wrapped cheese snacks, providing the perfect portion for your customers while providing a snack that is safe to eat. Furthermore, their cheese products can be purchased in bulk, allowing you to ensure you are always stocked up.