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Cool Whip Products Enhance Desserts, Beverages, and Even Savory Dishes for All-Around Versatility

As a brand under Kraft, Cool Whip is a well-known whipped topping company that has expanded Kraft's exclusive portfolio of famous products. The Kraft company started in 1903 as a wholesale cheese-delivery business. It has since grown to offer a variety of product categories like desserts, nuts, and beverages. With so much versatility, Kraft is committed to providing their customers with quality products that taste good, such as the classic taste of Cool Whip. Read more

Cool Whip products provide a thick, smooth, and creamy whipped topping that creates endless desserts, and even enhances savory dishes. With a bulk supply, keeping your business well-stocked with such a versatile product is perfect when there's a busy rush or when creativity strikes. A name brand you can trust, Cool Whip is the perfect choice for all of your foodservice needs!