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Maintain a Secure and Sanitized Workspace with Controltek Products

Originally founded as a security company in 1976, Controltek has expanded to produce sanitation products in addition to their banking security products. Though they started out with little more than an old truck, they’ve grown to expand to three continents and become relied upon by some of the world’s most prominent financial and retail organizations. This family-owned business still makes it a priority to fulfill their promises with friendliness and care, qualities that are reflected in Controltek products. Read more

Controltek products make it easier to safely secure your funds and also eliminate harmful germs to keep your workplace sanitary. From safely storing money to safely maintaining a clean work environment, Controltek produces high-quality products that provide a sense of security. Controltek makes security the cornerstone of every solution they offer, giving you a sense of relief while running your business.

Controltek USA Combination Locks and Padlocks

Controltek USA Combination Locks and Padlocks

Using Controltek combination locks and padlocks maintains the security of your most important possessions.

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