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Easily Repair Essential Equipment with Parts for Your Comstock Castle Stove

From a company that has been in production since the 1830s, Comstock Castle stoves are designed for long-lasting performance. For a century, they produced residential cooking and heating equipment, but they transitioned to commercial-only production during the Great Depression. Comstock Castle is still headquartered in its home state of Illinois, though the company now sells its commercial cooking equipment internationally as well. Read more

If your stove is in need of maintenance, Comstock Castle also provides stove parts and accessories. Find everything you need to keep your equipment in working order, including gas valves, replacement racks, and burners. Plus, these OEM parts are direct replacements for your unit’s original components.

Comstock Castle Gas Valves

Comstock Castle Gas Valves

Ensure that your unit can properly receive fuel supply with these Comstock Castle gas valves.

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Comstock Castle Convection Oven Parts and Accessories

Comstock Castle Convection Oven Parts and Accessories

Maintain and customize your equipment with these Comstock Castle convection oven parts and accessories.

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