Collier's Welsh Cheddar Cheese Products

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Collier Welsh Cheddar Cheese Products Combine History with Terroir to Create True Welsh Cheddar

Meaning "a group of coal miners" in Welsh, Collier's was named in memoriam of the laborers who helped build the economy of Wales. Cheddar cheese was an important staple in the coal miner's everyday diet as it gave them vitality to work through the damp darkness of the coal mines. Thus, Collier's creates a cheddar cheese that's "reliable, powerful, and full of integrity", just like their coal mining ancestors before them. Read more

Crafting a powerfully sharp and creamy paste of a Welsh cheddar means starting at the roots: creating a secret recipe, thoughtfully selecting top-quality milk, appointing a team to grade each cheese, and doing it all on Welsh soil. With a unique taste and distinctive character, find out why North Wales is the perfect place to make Collier Welsh Cheddar Cheese products.