Colavita Italian Foods

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Discover the Art of True Italian Cooking with Colavita Products

Perfecting their craft for centuries, the Colavita brand united two families from the picturesque village of Sant’Elia a Pianisi. One family started home growing and stone mill crushing their olive oil, as another created fresh pasta from freshly harvested durum wheat. Today, Colavita remains a joint family-run company that has perfected the art of making olive oil, pasta, and other Italian delicacies. Read more

Even as a multi-national brand, Colavita continues to use the same traditions and expertise passed down through their families for centuries. Staying true to their Italian heritage, Colavita knows how far a warm-cooked meal goes. Providing families across the world with the best cooking ingredients drives their mission forward by allowing anyone to bring the authentic taste of Italy into the kitchen. Find out what true Italian cooking means with Colavita products.